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Free bitcoin wallet to everybody by Consulting24 team

We believe in the value of financial freedom, independence, and entrepreneurship.  Our vision is to provide a free bitcoin wallet to everybody and for the entrepreneur's full readymade technical solution which included the development team and legal team. All in one!

Readymade apps will cut 1-2 year development time to 2-3 months. By providing a readymade solution we can bring crypto to the mainstream faster. Estonia company registration, acquire cryptocurrency trading license, costume branded readymade bitcoin wallet app setup - A-Z solution.



Why Estonia?

Estonia has issued a total over 3000 crypto licenses makes it the biggest crypto community worldwide.  The Estonian startup ecosystem offers 0% corporate tax. 30 days to acquire crypto licenses. Estonia is the fastest jurisdiction to operate globally and with minimal business running costs.

PrivateX application is available to download globally. Our subsidiary brand team has aquired nearly 200 crypto licenses in Estonia. Looking forward to everybody to join!