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Cex is a trusted exchange operating since 2013 and mostly used to buy bitcoin with debit/credit card and bank wire. Cex has a daily 1-4 million volumes and a total of over 3 million Clients.

Please note that fees may vary based on your country or purchase amount. 

  • Bank wire 0% commission

  • The main headquarter in the US

  • Trusted and established exchange 

  • The secure platform, no hacks happened 

  • Buy Bitcoin with a debit card

  • Support over 190 countries

  • Supports  30+ coins 

  • Up to 8% debit card fee to buy bitcoin. 

  • Up to 0,4% trading fee

  • Don't have a native token

Is Cex a trusted exchange to use?

Cex has a long successful history, founded in 2013 and they are US-based.  

Cex compared with other exchanges

Compare Cex with other cryptocurrency exchanges where to buy Bitcoin safely, trusted, and at a good price. 

  • Over 5 million users 

  • 500 million  -  2 billion daily trading volume

  • Trading fees : 0,4 - 0,1%

  • OTC Huobi

  • Supported currencies 118+

  • Supported 130+ countries

  • Over 12 million daily users

  • 10 - 12 billion daily trading volume

  • Trading fees: 0,1 - 0,2 % 

  • OTC Binance 

  • Supported currencies 190+

  • Supported 180+ countries

  • The biggest exchange worldwide - THE MOST TRUSTED

  • Total over 3 million clients

  • 1-4 million daily trading  volume

  • Supported currencies 34+

  • Supported 180+ countries

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