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  • Supports 130 country

  • Low Trading fees: 0,4 - 0,1 %

  • Buy crypto with debit/credit card

  • 500 million  -  2 billion daily trading volume

  • Trade over 120 cryptos

  • The most used exchange worldwide

  • Supports 180 country

  • Low Trading fees: 0,2 - 0,1 %

  • Buy crypto with debit/credit card

  • Trade over 210 cryptos

  • Supports 180 country 

  • Low Trading fees: 0,42 - 0,1 %

  • Buy crypto with debit/credit card

  • Trade over 30 cryptos 

  • OTC Kraken




Binance came into existence in 2017. It was created by Changpeng Zhao, who had already served as CTO of the Okex exchanges. By 2018 Binance became the largest cryptocurrency trading platform in terms of trading volume and trust. This exchange handles approximately 10-12 billion transactions daily. It has over 180 different cryptocurrencies, has approximately 12 million daily users; and not just this much, it also has over 26 million monthly visits. ​The native token of this exchange BNB has grown from 0.1$ ICO to over 15$; with 39.57$ being the all-time high, that’s over 16000% -39000% return for the investors.

  • ​Trading fees - 0.1% - 0.2%, lowest ever.

  • 20+ million users

  • 10-12 billion transactions on a daily basis

  • 180 different cryptocurrencies available

  • Bitcoin purchase via debit/credit card

  • SAFU funds available with 10% of trading profit as emergency funds
    (to be used in case of hacking, etc.)  


  • Binance OTC​​

  • Binance covered 100% damage for the users due to 40million funds lost in a major hack. 

  • The fastest-growing startup - things happen



Huobi is a China-based cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2013 with more than 5 million users. With a strength of 1,300 employees, it has established subsidiary companies and partner companies in 12 major countries. Leon Li founded Huobi when he was just a computer engineer at Oracle. Huobi processes around 2-5 billion in trades daily. Huobi has its native token HT ( Huobi Token) which has grown from 1.52$ ICO price to over 4$.   

  • More than 190 cryptocurrency pairs are available.

  • $1.4 billion daily trading volume.

  • Trade-in digital assets for over US$1.2 trillion.

  • More than 5 million users.

  • Huobi has great liquidity and good prices

  • Always-available, bilingual customer support

  • Compatible for all devices

  • Experience real-time trading with high volatility

  • Huobi OTC 

  • Every asset is subject to a 0.2% trade fee for all users.

  • Daily withdrawals allowed upto $2,000 for level 1 verified traders only.

  • Monthly withdrawal limit of $10,000

  • No Stacking bonuses

  • Accused of providing false trading volumes.  



After the launch in 2011, Kraken worked under development for two years. Kraken is more than just a Bitcoin trading platform with safe and secure trading options that allows the users to trade in local Bitcoins. Kraken is a popular exchange that enables the traders to buy and sell the cryptocurrency via wire transfers. Kraken is available in 4 continents and offers its services in more than 180 countries. More than 2.2 million users trust Kraken. Kraken offers trade in up to ten different cryptocurrencies and possibly in pairs for direct trading. 

  • Safest Bitcoin exchange.
  • Highly respected exchange.
  • Marginal trades are available. 
  • Different trading and withdrawal amounts. 
  • Offers trading in over 34 different cryptocurrencies 
  • 100 - 300 million daily trading volume
  • A safe and secure Bitcoin trading platform.
  • Trading charges - makers - 0.16%, takers - 0.26%.
  • No withdrawal limits.
  • Fund processing takes 1-5 business days.
  • Kraken OTC
  • Limited options for payment are available for trading.
  • INR not supported for trade
  • Mostly suitable for professionals.
  • Slow service for customer support. 
  • Lengthy verification process.

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Understanding Bitcoins

Want to know about Bitcoins? Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency market in the world. It is the first digital currency launched in 2009. It enables users transactions without a bank or administrator. Unlike fiat currency, the local Bitcoins are created, distributed, and traded using the decentralized ledgers. Local Bitcoin's popularity and success are spread all around the world that inspires the hosts for blockchain space.    

​Some Interesting Facts About Local Bitcoins:

  • The first cryptocurrency created in 2009. 
  • Godfather of cryptocurrencies - Satoshi Nakamoto, a Japanese national mined it. 
  • There are over 21 million Bitcoins, without any other prints or issuance.
  • It follows a triple book-entry system for Bitcoin trading.
  • The total value of the Bitcoins is worth US$100 billion.
  • Bitcoins are open-source and, thus, can be accessed quickly. 
  • Bitcoins can be traded in portfolios only without concerning the actual coins
  • Bitcoins are highly volatile and speculative in nature. 
  • One can acquire Bitcoins as an exchange or for any payments for goods and services or any direct Bitcoin purchases, or earn Bitcoins via competitive mining.
  • Anyone can process Bitcoin transactions using computer hardware, which is called mining.

Fiat Currency System

To send and receive fiat currencies such as Euro or USD etc. both the central bank and authorized financial institutions are responsible for the transaction and management of funds.

Virtual Blockchains

The Bitcoin network is called a blockchain. The computer verifies the transactions of trading in Bitcoins through Bitcoin mining. It allows users to check the authentication of the trade transaction without any bank or payment institution involved. The deal is fully protected with the digital signatures that provide full control over the sending of Bitcoin addresses.

Cryptocurrency Risks

Highly Speculative

The cryptocurrency exchange is highly volatile in nature. It can rise high or lower down or even become worthless. The prices of Bitcoins can drop to 1000 USD every hour. You have to invest only with the money that is affordable to lose. You can quickly trade in the local Bitcoins using the digital wallet.

Related To Frauds and Scams

Local Bitcoins are prone to many security risks like hacking or theft, even from the Bitcoin wallets. Tio minimizes these risks, and the traders must look for the brokers who are having insurance against theft.


The Bitcoin wallet is fully accessible to the user. They can send and receive the Bitcoins using their smartphones or computers. Theoretically, Local Bitcoins are available to many users at a single time without using traditional banking methods.

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