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Leading source to buy & Sell LocalBitcoin. Let’s compare the top 3 cryptocurrency exchanges to buy the Bitcoins with the best deals. The most trusted exchange to buy and sell Bitcoins are: 

  • Huobi issues tokens for smart trading. 

  • Uses 2-5 billion for daily trading. 

  • User-friendly mobile application.

  • Trading fees for 0.2% on every asset.

  • Stacking bonuses for 23+ cryptocurrencies

  • Launched future options with 50x leverage

  • Marginal trading increased to 5x leverage

  • 26 million monthly visits.

  • Over 30+ trading pairs

  • Advance features exchange.

  • Decent buying and selling fees.  

  • Support over 180 countries.




Binance is a crypto exchange that offers crypto-to-crypto trading in LocalBitcoin. It is the most popular international exchange that deals in virtual asset coins all around the globe. The traders can get the offers with the lowest fees. The new traders can also grow with the rapidly increasing BTC pairings with the exchange. This centralized exchange offers many trading discounts using the tokens issued by the crypto exchange to deal with the virtual currency internationally. 

  • Trade limits can be set for the purchases. 

  • Trade in cryptocurrencies immediately.

  • Transfer the asset coins from friends and family using QR codes.   

  • Furnished with round the clock customer services.

  • Limited payment options are available.

  • Deals in fiat currency are not available.



Today, the Huobi group has got a subscription with more than 200 financial institutions and people internationally. Security funds are reserved with the exchange for the relative amount of 20,000 Bitcoins. The limited withdrawal amount secures the users to make payments and avoid any fraud actions in their digital wallets for Bitcoins. The exchange provides the best blockchain technology that attracts both new and professional customers to deal with the asset coins with the Huobi group. The trading history is transparent and thus allows a clear view of the purchases and sales by the traders.

  • A limited threshold amount.

  • Investment in digital assets for wealth maximization.

  • Includes projects for Bitcoin trading.

  • A minimum purchase amount is required. 

  • Bitcoins were wrongly deposited in virtual payment accounts, but they were successfully recovered.



​Since its establishment in 2011, Kraken is based in San Francisco, and it offers to trade in LocalBitcoins around the globe. It is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges while considering the trading volume and liquidity. Kraken exchange is outsourcing as the first cryptocurrency bank. Experienced users can take advantage of marginal trading and other advanced trading features.

  • High trading volumes.

  • Reliable services as a crypto exchange. 

  • Lowest trading charges.

  • International deals for Bitcoins.

  • Limited payment methods.

  • Not much suitable for newcomers.

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What is Bitcoin?

Since the establishment of decentralized cryptocurrency in the form of LocalBitcoin, it has been working like a computerized network. It includes instant payments between businesses or people trading worldwide. Bitcoins hit the all-time price in 2017 with one BTC for $18,000. But in May 2020, it is valued at $8,700 per Bitcoin. BTC is not a paper currency like Dollars and Euros created by the monetary authorities. Some interesting points that highlight the features of Bitcoins:

  • Bitcoin can be used as an investment opportunity as well as a mode of payment. 

  • As an investment, Bitcoins are full of risks with volatility built in them. 

  • Bitcoins are slowly gaining interest as a means of exchange and a speculators game to earn money. 

  • Transfers are made through electronic means such as computers and mobiles involving economical transaction costs. 

  • The flow of Bitcoins does not follow the concept of traditional banking systems; it flows from one digital wallet to another. 

  • The beauty of using Bitcoins is that it cannot be held or kept in a pocket or wallet like any other currency. Instead, it can only be held electronically on an exchange. 

  • Bitcoin is treated as a fixed asset. 

  • The mining of Bitcoins can be done by solving advanced mathematical problems. 

  • As bitcoin is divisible, it has unlimited growth potential for the exchange medium. 

Fiat Currency System

The traditional money system is governed by a centralized system, which involves a central bank or government for its administration. When you need to deal with money such as EUR or USD, you will need payment institutions like banks to complete the transactions.

Bitcoin Network

The transactions for buying and selling LocalBitcoins are confirmed with the chain-nodes called Bitcoin networks. Digital networking devices track it through Bitcoin mining. There is no need for traditional bank methods and any other financial institutions for trading. 

Cryptocurrency Risks

Future Performance

Susceptible To Robbery

Robbery fees

The historical performance of LocalBitcoins doesn't guarantee future results. Moreover, the opinions that are presented by the experts for professional traders can be viewed as the indicator of the performance of virtual currency in the coming years. These currencies are highly volatile without relating to any banking corporation or government. Many regulations are not followed by the Bitcoin, which includes consumer protection and other legal tender currencies perspectives with these high levels of risks, and investors must consider the Bitcoins as highly speculative instruments. 

Virtual currencies are prone to errors and digital hijacking and robbery. One cannot define the perfect way to avoid these technical glitches or human errors for recording the transactions in the local Bitcoin network. Cryptocurrency trading is affected by the risk included in Bitcoin trading.

Trading in cryptocurrency involves a lot of risks such as huge losses, cyber thefts and hacking, of the traded digital asset coins. Don’t fret! Rather familiarise yourself with the particular risks involved in the trading before dealing with such crypto products. In the hard times, it may be susceptible for the users to deal with the speculative prices all around the trading processes. The crypto exchanges can suspend the trade deals if they do not get economical prices in the exchange market.

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