$6M Investment in Bitcoin by Rapper Logic

Depending on when precisely he purchased in, Logic might have just made $2 million.

Following Game of Thrones entertainer Maisie Williams' call for exhortation concerning whether to go long on Bitcoin (BTC) prior this week, the rapper Logic has jumped into Bitcoin head-first.

Rapper Logic

In a video presented on his Instagram story, Logic, the genuine name Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, gloated that he "purchased 6,000,000 in Bitcoin a month ago," while making the collar pull motion advocated by individual rapper Xzibit during the 1990s MTV show Pimp My Ride.

He followed this up by attempting to make out that it was actually no biggie, mumbling "F**k it," "YOLO" (signifying "You just live once") and "Truly… "

Notwithstanding his posing, Logic's speculation could end up being an especially watchful monetary move.

In a most horrendous case situation, if "a month ago" implied that the rapper made the speculation at the market top on Oct. 31, at that point his $6 million dollars would have purchased about 433 BTC at a cost of around $13,850.

Quick forward to the present time, those 433 BTC are worth $7,926,500 at distributing time, speaking to a benefit of nearly $2 million.

Nonetheless, the likelihood of this being Logic's careful strike highlight become tied up with the market is thin.

On the off chance that the rapper utilized the expression "a month ago" to allude to one month prior, at that point his upfront investment cost might have been $11,760. These theoretical 510 BTC would now be worth $9.3 million, or a cool $3.3 million increase.

What's more, obviously, on the off chance that days and weeks mean little to the man, at that point it is achievable that he might have been alluding to speculation around the beginning of October. This would have gotten him just about 570 BTC at a cost of around $10,550.

These would now be worth $10.4 million, speaking to a benefit of $4.4 million, or a practically 75% profit for his underlying speculation.

The rationale has since changed his Twitter name to Bobby Bitcoin. "YOLO" in fact.

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