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Binance is promoting BTC at London bus stops in the progress of UK launch

‘Money is evolving,’ Binance’s latest advertisements over London state, presenting four generations of coins finishing with Bitcoin.

Binance which is the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange has targeted people in  London with new commercials highlighting Bitcoin.

The crypto exchange has put new commercials at 17 bus stops in London according to an Aug. 28 tweet from Binance.UK. The picture presents two older generations of coins as well as a current two-pound coin accepted in the U.K, accompanied by the biggest, Bitcoin. 

“Money is evolving,” the commercial is saying. “It’s time to adapt.”

Binance published its extension into the U.K. market in June, with an exchange platform scheduled to start this fall. The exchange will reportedly be listed by the country’s Financial Conduct Authority and allow up to 65 digital assets for trading.

In the progress of the launch, Binance’s British arm hasn’t restricted itself to advertising. The crypto exchange lately stated it would be entering the self-regulating industry association CryptoUK as a managing member.

London has lately been the hotspot for crypto firms seeing for new investors.

Richard Heart’s questionable HEX token has ads covered on London’s buses and newspapers and was even starred during the English Premier League soccer games. Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital purchased a full-page ad in the U.K.-based international market newspaper Financial Times, in which Bitcoin (BTC) also showed up notably.

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