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Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Ever since its launch almost a decade ago, Bitcoin has grown to become the most popular and largest cryptocurrency in the world. Several people have backed the technology to revolutionize the financial investment ecosystem. Nowadays, crypto enthusiasts can trade Bitcoin on various exchanges, and with sites such as BuyBitcoin24, they are sure of trading on an exchange offering the best rates.

Why Bitcoin is the most successful cryptocurrency

The price of Bitcoin has surged tremendously in the past ten years. Most importantly, the digital asset has overcome numerous government hurdles and challenges to gain popularity and confidence among investors globally.

Bitcoin’s success over other cryptocurrencie scan sends and receives Bitcoins directly over the internet. Equally, there are no intermediaries when it comes to transactions even with cross border transactions; as a result, Bitcoin transaction fees have remained relatively low compared to those of other platforms like Paypal.

Interestingly this digital currency can be used in several places across the globe for different transactions. The best aspect is that no government or federal authority can freeze Bitcoin accounts. Besides, the requirements for opening a Bitcoin accounts are very basic.

Bitcoins are stored in digital wallets

You can exchange Bitcoin with different fiat currencies such as euros, dollars, pounds, or other currencies. However, first, you have to have Bitcoins stored in your digital bitcoin wallet. For those that want enhanced security and safety for their bitcoins, they can consider hardware wallets.

You can easily access a digital wallet from your PC, smartphone, or third party site. When conducting transactions, either paying for something, you only need a few clicks, and the money is transferred in an effortless process like sending a mail. Bitcoins can practically buy anything that you want anonymously.

The anonymity of Bitcoin is what gives it an edge as an accessible mode of digital payment. The digital currency is not tied to a particular nation, and it is borderless; thus, investors from across the globe can use it. Almost all currencies from across the world support Bitcoin and you can get your checklist of the coins supported at BuyButcoin24. Equally, Bitcoinis not subjected to any regulation, which is why investors and investors prefer it.

BuyBitcoin24 will help you identify trustworthy exchanges to buy Bitcoin

Acquiring bitcoin is simple, and you get this from a reliable crypto exchange site. You can do this by exchanging fiat currency of your country or any other currency that the exchange accepts. If you are seeking to invest in Bitcoin, you should sign up with a trusted crypto exchange in Estonia, which you can pick through BuyBitcoin24. The site can compare different exchanges and separate legit exchanges from scam exchange. You then load your Bitcoin wallet with money that you will use to buy Bitcoin.

Bottom line

Bitcoin has grown in popularity, and it is a leading digital asset. Therefore before dipping into investing in Bitcoin, it is essential to identify a trustworthy exchange from where you can purchase your crypto.

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