Estonia ecosystem environment introduction for crypto exchanges

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Bitcoin has billions of marketcap (BTC)

Despite the market volatility in trading crypto coins, Bitcoin (BTC) has remained afloat in the past few years. An important emphasis is that Bitcoin is the most popular of all the Cryptocurrencies. According to a study by Crypto Radar, an estimated 6.2% of Americans own Bitcoin, translating to nearing 23 million traders. A further 7.3% of are looking to purchase crypto coins, especially Bitcoin.

However, while most people think trading Bitcoin equals a get-rich-quick strategy, it is just a scheme. Most importantly, understanding how blockchain technology works will put you at an advantage if you are looking to invest in Bitcoin, and possibly, create a multi-billion dollar business in Europe where much of Bitcoin exchanges take place. Regardless of constant fluctuations in Bitcoin-EUR exchanges, succeeding in this business boils down to planning your trading moves.

Bitcoin company in Estonia

Now, given massive Bitcoin transactions that take place in Europe, Estonia would be a great place to establish a Bitcoin trading entity hassle-free. It is because compared to other European countries, Estonian business laws and regulations are accommodative, especially to foreign entrepreneurs looking to invest in the country. Estonia has also 0% corporate tax.

Moreover, you do not need a lot of capital to start a Bitcoin investment in Estonia. With only about $25000, you can register a company in Estonia and consequently obtain a license for a Blockchain business included local office and local director. Another thing that makes it easy to start a business in Estonia is the advancement in technology that the country enjoys. It means, even without being in the country physically, an e-residency is enough to get you started. With an e-residency, managing your Blockchain business based in Estonia is possible from anywhere in the world.

Types of Cryptocurrency Business to Start In Estonia

Provided you have established a cryptocurrency agency, running a Bitcoin business in Estonia and earning billions from it is easy. The following are, therefore, tested and proven ways to run a cryptocurrency business in Estonia:

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Bitcoin mining is an existing crypto business model. However, cloud mining is a relatively new approach that has not been fully exploited. Cloud mining is definitive of setting up a network of BTC miners through which you let other traders/miners purchase mining contracts. While it is not a simple BTC business model, the process of monitoring BTC-EUR exchange rates and gaining from it is richly rewarding.

Buy Bitcoin Exchange

Another approach to establishing a BTC business in Estonia is the exchange approach. Here, you should think about investing in other crypto coins such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins. The mainstay of the exchange approach is gaining from crypto contractual for differences (CFDs) depending on which coins sells or buys at a profit.

An Online Store Based In Estonia That Accepts Only BTC Payments

Another approach to starting a Bitcoin Business in Estonia is operating an online store. Accepting payments in Bitcoin boils down to making profits based on decreasing or increasing the value of the crypto-coin. Even more importantly, you need a business partner to manage the online stocking of goods.

Final Thoughts

With the rights tools and ideas, starting a Bitcoin business that rakes in millions in profits is only a click away. It is even easier if you obtain an Estonia e-residency and blockchain license.

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