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  • The biggest trading volume, 10 - 12 billion daily

  • Buy bitcoin with SEPA and with debit/credit card

  • 0,1 - 0,2 % Trading fee


  • 1 -  2 billion daily trading volume

  • Buy bitcoin with debit/credit card

  • 0,00 - 0,26 %; Pre-trade basis Fees


  • 1 - 2 billion daily trading volume

  • Buy bitcoin with SEPA and with debit/credit card

  • 0,01 - 0,2%; Tiered Trading Fee



Binance is one of the trusted sites to buy Bitcoin where buying and selling Bitcoin can be done in minutes. It is also considered as the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange with a variety of currencies available for trading. Binance has an entire ecosystem of exchanges, tokens, trusted wallets, and learning hubs for the beginners. Founded by Changpeng Zhao in 2017, Binance is now operating worldwide with major cryptocurrencies ready for transactions. 

Binance offers a native ERC-20 token BNB. Binance declared that traders can avail a 25% discount on the trading fees using the BNB coin instead of a previous 12.5% fee for the massive support from the users.

  • The native BNB token offers the most competitive fee in the market

  • The main trading fee has been fixed at 0.1% regardless of volume

  • Trustworthy and safe exchange

  • Additional features like Binance Lab for promising pre-ICO stage projects and LaunchPad for fundraising exercises

  • Fiat partners like Simplex, Koinal, and others offer easy purchase of Bitcoin using credit cards, USD, and other fiat currencies

  • Third-Party partners make the trading experience convenient

  • Delay in services may occur due to huge user demand

  • Customer support has limited language supports



Huobi is a large crypto exchange for the Bitcoin users founded by Leon Li with an initial focus on the Chinese market. The exchange is now operating on a global scale after some adjustments made due to the Chinese ban on digital assets. Huobi now offers its services to 130 countries with talented and experienced engineers working behind the success of the company.   

Huobi charges 0.20% trading fee a little bit higher than the Binance platform. But like Binance, Huobi offers a native coin called HT. You can enjoy a trading discount based on trading volume and HT holdings.  

  • 7+ years of Crypto exchange experience in the market

  • One of the top exchanges in terms of the trading volume

  • Very trustworthy crypto exchange

  • Experienced and dedicated global team for the best services possible

  • Investments from big-names like Sequoia 

  • Processes $1.4 billion volume daily

  • Offers 200+ cryptocurrencies

  • 24/7 Local customer support

  • Concerns over regulatory issues


  • Complicated margin trading not suitable for beginners

  • The fee structure is weaker than Binance



Kraken was one of the first exchanges in the Crypto domain still going strong after 9+ years. It is one of the trusted sites to buy Bitcoin and popular for easy payment methods and low fees. It is one of the most liquid exchanges with almost $376 million trading volume. Bitcoin lovers must check out this exchange. To provide better chart tools, Kraken acquired CryptoWatch in 2017. The platform is also very secure for trading any volume of Bitcoin. Kraken supports major fiat currencies for trading.

  • One of the safest Exchanges in the list

  • Accepts major Fiats like USD, EUR, CAD, JPY, GBP, etc

  • Top Crypto pairs like Bitcoin-Ethereum, Bitcoin-Tether, Ethereum-Tether are available

  • Popular in Europe for EUR liquidity

  • Future trading available

  • Easy account opening option with a few clicks

  • 3 verification levels services for the users

  • Offers dark pool where each trader can anonymously order 

  • Fiat-Fiat not supported in the U.S

  • No fixed fees or rates like Binance 

  • Account verification is slower compared to the other alternatives

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (₿) is thought to be the next generation currency of the world with cryptographic technologies and decentralized features. Bitcoin caught the media attention in 2017 when the prices reached $20,000 for 1 Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin has a highly volatile nature keeping the risk-averse investors out of the trading zone. 


- Bitcoin is a digital alternative currency with built-in cryptographic technologies. 

- It is created to disrupt the banking system of the world.

- Bitcoins allow users to mine the currency using computer power.

- To hold Bitcoin other than mining initial transfer of Fiat is required.

- Bitcoin is a popular asset among risk-taking investors.

To learn more about crypto check What is Crypto?, Top places to buy Bitcoin or Buy Bitcoin.

Bitcoin transactions

Bitcoin is exchanged in decentralized exchanges where no uniform price is offered. The early Bitcoin transaction took place with the mysterious Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto and another adopter in 2009. Since then it has developed its own public ledger also knows as Blockchain to record all the transactions inside the network.

- no central authority to control

- limited supply of the currency

- multiple exchanges with different prices offered for the currency

Regular fiat system

Fiat currency is the legal tender with the value provided by the issuing government. The strength of the government has more to do with the strength of the fiat. Fiat gives the citizens an opportunity to purchase goods and services, invest, and save.

- fiat is not limited by the scarcity

- it is the most acceptable way to do transactions 

- fiats need central authority unlike the decentralized Bitcoin


Cryptocurrency Risks

High Volatility

Bitcoin is marked as one of the most volatile assets to trade in the financial markets. Generally, short-term traders love higher volatility which means greater profit. But the risk of losing everything is also higher. So for non-speculative traders, the risk of losing Bitcoin is there. So keeping an eye on the market sentiment is very important before start trading Bitcoin.

Lots of scammars

Scammers are all over the digital world. They target financial tools and services especially digital assets like Bitcoins to make a lot of money. So keeping a safe distance from any doubtful emails, messages, and tweets is very important to survive the threat of scams.

Robbery fees

Buy and sell of Bitcoin requires crypto Exchanges which charges a small fee for their services. Some exchanges use competitive fees to sustain users. Others use dynamic which means the wallet will calculate based on the network and transaction volume. However, beginners in Bitcoin might pay large out-of-the-market fees. So beware of these are the robbery fees which are designed by the scammers. 

"Do not think Bitcoin is just a cool toy for the kids, it has the power to disrupt the entire banking system of the world."
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